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EPIC Training

In order to remain ahead of the growth curve in an ever-changing world, professional development is vital. EPIC Mission is both willing and able to meet you where you are and train you up in a variety of areas based on your current and future needs. From single virtual sessions to weekend retreats to long term organizational development, we will journey with you and help take you and your organization to the next level. 


Leveraging an experienced outside facilitator for training meetings, retreats and the like will free up your personnel to take part in the event and focus on their own professional development.

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Board Development

I high functioning Board can be an amazing asset to your organization. Keep them fed with current best practices and techniques in order to maximize their performance in service to your organization.

Fund Development

Your organization's long-term financial sustainability depends on a holistic plan and well-trained teams and individuals to carry out the plan. Our experts can get you on the right track and help keep you there.


Technology, when leveraged properly, can be a tremendous aid in the workplace. From basic computing skills to advanced applications, EPIC Mission can assess, train and develop you and your team.

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Train the Trainer

EPIC's team of expert trainers will happily work with your identified trainers-to-be and show them the ropes to ensure that they are set up for success as they step into their future training roles.

Professional Learning 

Grow your business with professional learning communities! We will help you imagine and build collaborative cultures of learning that emphasize resilience, creativity, critical thinking, and communication.



Breakdowns in communication cause countless headaches in the workplace. Luckily, communication is a skill that can be learned and improved upon.


There's no such thing as a "born leader". Let us share our experience in developing leadership skills for individuals and groups of all sizes.

Time Management

By applying certain techniques and creating discipline and accountability, it is possible to get more done, more effectively and in less time. 

For years we struggled to put together retreats and this year (EPIC Mission's) guidance and facilitation made all the difference in the world. 

Keith Adams, client of EPIC Mission: Guiding the heroes of change.

Keith Adams

(EPIC Mission) has made what we do for our ​​clients exceptionally better!

Tom Hamilton, client of EPIC Mission: Guiding the heroes of change.

Tom Hamilton

We would definitely use (EPIC Mission) again to facilitate a team building or leadership seminar with our staff.

Emily Fitchpatrick, client of EPIC Mission: Guiding the heroes of change.

Emily Fitchpatrick

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